nba买球网站機械集團股份有限公司致力¤于環境友好事業,有二十多渴望嗜血年歷史,是一家集制造與商貿為一體■的非公企業,總部位于北京市順 心兒此時正愣愣義區百盈路8號院


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二、國際市場︰子公司分布在⌒ 美國西雅圖、美國爾灣、澳大利亞珀斯、印度德里,經銷商分布在澳大利小唯亞、新西蘭、韓國、日本、英國、荷蘭、伊朗等國。

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Greenman Machinery (Group Holding) Company is a shareholder run enterprise and integral provider of R&D, Manufacture, and Sales. Under Greenman, there are two manufacture facilities and over one hundred sales outlets across China. Greenman is headquartered in No.8 Baiying Road, Shunyi District of Beijing, China.

Greenman Group holds fast to corporate culture of “Integrity and Commitment, Strive with Innovation and Ingenuity, Progress in Spirit of Unity”, adheres to service motto of “Be friends with Greenman, Be free of worries”. Greenman is a strong promoter of “Service Generates Value”.

Nearly two decades of construction of complete sales and service coverage and excellent footprint of growth enables Greenman Group to achieve long term strategic cooperation with world top 500 enterprises such as Deere & Company of USA and other leading manufacturers, which leads to continued introduction of world advance lawn and garden products, landscaping and turf care equipment into China.

Meanwhile, Greenman Group dedicates and allocates resources into independent intellectual property R&D on lawn and garden products and landscaping and turfcare equipment. Greenman Group R&D Center is an Enterprise owned Technology Center certified by Beijing Municipal Authorities. Trade Mark “GREENMAN” wins award of Beijing City Famous Brand Name.

The broad range of Greenman carried products include lawn and garden power products, landscaping and turfcare equipment, turf irrigation systems and equipment, garden tools and allied supplies, off-highway electrical vehicles, forest firefighting equipment, large size chippers, tree transplanting machinery, and etc.